Sunday, March 21, 2010

At the beer kiosk


Walking around Prague is a great thing for a beer lover. Everywhere you will find a taproom that sells very good Czech beer. Of course, after several visits to the Czech Republic, I am a little bit picky in what I choose to drink. Pilsner Urquell is one of my favourites, but usually I pass the bars and pubs specializing in the golden lager from Plzen. Instead I try to find places selling beers I have never tried before.

An early afternoon I was walking around the Holesovice neighbourhood and ended up at Vystaviste. Vystaviste is a great place to be. If you like ice hockey, Sparta Prague plays their matches at the Tesla arena here. In addition to this you can find an aquarium, a fun fair, the big exhibition centre and a beautiful and large park. On the other side of the street from the ice hockey arena I saw a kiosk selling draught beer from the Postrižinské brewery - also known as Nymburk.

I went to the kiosk, which was called U Viaduktu, and ordered a half litre of lager beer. I was given a white plastic cup with a golden beer with a large head and nearly no carbonation. I could not feel any aroma from the beer, but the taste was malty with a slight hoppy bitterness in the finish. I liked it, and took the beer with me into the park.

An hour later I passed the kiosk again. A few people were sitting on benches next to it, and they drank beer from glasses. I decided to sit down, only to find out that I had to go to the counter to order. I did - and once again I was served beer in a plastic cup. Perhaps the glasses are for the frequent guests? Still, I liked sitting down at the U Viaduktu kiosk enjoying the Spring sun and the Nymburk lager. It was a nice and unexpected find in Prague.

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