Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nearly at the brewpub

Munich airport is one of the few airports with a brewpub. The Airbräu brewpub is based landside, and of what I understood from fellow passengers you would need to go through security to get to the pub. As I did not want to be in a situation where I did not catch my ongoing flight, I decided to skip Airbräu this time around.

Perhaps it was fate, but the first bar I found inside terminal 2 sold draught beer from Airbräu. I therefore sat down at the Käfer bistro ordering a glass of the available Airbräu beer, Kumulus.

Kumulus was a typical wheat beer. In the glass it was cloudy with a medium sized head and some carbonation. I felt banana and sweetness in the nose. The beer tasted from banana, a touch of sweetness and some herbs I could not pinpoint. The finish was watery with banana to the fore. I liked this weizen, but I was disappointed by the watery finish.

There was half an hour before I needed to be at the gate. I left Käfer in a good mood as I at least had found one draught beer brewed at the airport. Perhaps there were some beer gems to be found at other bars at the airport?


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