Saturday, January 10, 2009


Wenceslas Square. Charles Bridge. Jewish Quarter. These are just three of the sights worth seeing in Prague. The tourist books inform about what's hot and what's not, but in most cases you read about the same places in a line from the castle to Wenceslas Square. Yes, it might be interesting to see the Astronomical Watch or perhaps listening to ompah-ompah music at U Fleku, but at the same time you do it together with loads of other tourists. My advice is not to follow the tourist flow after seeing the most important sights. There are gems for tourist visitors outside the centre of Prague, but normally you will not find these places in the guide books. The budget traveller will also enjoy going there, as the prices for food and drink normally are much lower.

Prague is a beautiful city. If you are interested in architecture, there is much to see. Take Wenceslas Square, for instance. Several of the buildings there can be studied time and time again. The National Museum is a gem, and for us Norwegian it is worth mentioning that the large whale skeleton hails from the Bergen area. That's a great trivia, isn't it?

I first visited Prague in 2006. Since then the city has become a favourite, and so far I have visited Prague five times. For people with a beer interest the capital of the Czech Republic has much to offer. Most Czech beer brands are difficult to find outside the country, and the possibility of drinking fresh Czech beer is a positive thing. I enjoy Pilsner Urquell at home, but it tastes much, much better as a draught beer in Prague. Budweiser Budvar is also a favorite, but I have not found it here in Norway for years.

The next days I will take a look at Czech beers and pubs. I will tell from my visits to Prague and also reminiscence over some very good beers I have tasted.

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