Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Surprise, surprise

Merenda was another of the hospodas i Prague I needed to visit on my last trip to the Czech Republic. It calls itself a beer club and restaurant, and it is laid out on two floors. The cellar is an ordinary bar, while on street level you can find the restaurant.

Merenda is known for a good variety of beers. The offers on tap changes from week to week, so it is important to check out the website in advance to know which beers are available.

The day I entered Merenda was a day after my visit to Plzeň. I was a bit disappointed after finding LOTR closed, and what did I see on the blackboard outside Merenda? At the moment beers from both Purkmistr and LOTR should be available. And not only those beers. Also beers from Lochota, which was the brewpub I decided not to visit in Plzeň.

I stepped into the room. The place looked nice, and the waiter was fast to give me a menu. I was a little bit hungry, so I ordered a plate of pickled hermelin cheese. It was really good with chili seasoning. To drink I ordered a half litre of Lochota. I also asked for beers from LOTR and Purkmistr, but those were not available, if I understood the waiter correctly.

The Lochota beer looked nice in the glass with a light amber colour and nearly no carbonation. In the nose I felt yeast and peaches. The taste of the beer was a nice sweet sweetness with a more distinct punch of peaches with a hint of pear. I liked this beer very much, and I hope to try it at the brewpub in Plzeň at a later time.

I hope to have much time on my hands on my next visit to Prague. Merenda is a good place to drink beer, and I will enjoy the surprise of finding out which beers are on the menu.

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  1. Yeah, it's a decent place. The other beers were probably on at the pub downstairs, which only opens at 4pm.