Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back to Bodø

A ten hour train journey from Trondheim took me past the Arctic circle and to Bodø. Bodø is one of the largest cities in Northern Norway, but with about 46,000 inhabitants it is really a small sized city.

A few years ago, Bodø had a brewpub in the city centre. Bryggerikaia served several beers brewed on site. These days the brewing equipment inside the combined restaurant and pub is a sign of the former brewpub activity. The brewer has left Bodø, and visitors to Bryggerikaia must make do with beers from Tromsø based Mack brewery.

Bryggerikaia is a nice place to have a few beers and something to eat. At lunch time there is a lunch buffet with a lot of tempting courses. I sat down and had several servings of among others Spanish meatballs, marinated prawns and tasty fish.

Mack is one of the better of the large Norwegian breweries. As usual in Norway, pale lagers are the most common beers brewed by any brewery. My favourite from Mack is the Arctic Beer, and fortunately that was one of the available draught beers at Bryggerikaia.

Arctic Beer is a decent pale lager with a nice and grainy aftertaste. The nose is flowery and in the mouth malts and hops dance along in a fine combination.

If you go to Bodø, Bryggerikaia is perhaps the best place in town. Unfortunately it is no longer a brewpub, but it has a great atmosphere and a fantastic view of the harbour and the wild, North Norwegian nature.

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