Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The wrong Svijany beer

Near Pivovarský klub in Křižíkova street in Prague you can find Florenc Hotel. I had noticed the hotel before, but this time I saw that the ground floor restaurant advertised that they had Svijany beer. That was a good reason to look inside, as the Svijany brewery brews several nice beers.

I am very fond of the 12° golden lager Svijanský Rytíř, and Svijany's yeast beer Kvasničák is another favourite. Unfortunately none of these were available from the three taps. You could only drink Svijanský Máz, which is a 11° golden lager and the Czech Kofola cola. Svijanský Máz is a very good beer, but I was hoping for Svijanský Rytíř, which is a beer I so far only have been drinking from bottles.

In the glass Svijanský Máz looked lovely with its golden colour and a nice and large white foam head. There was nearly no carbonation. In the nose there was some malts, while the taste was dominated by an accentuated sweetness combined with a touch of hops and some grains. I liked Svijanský Máz also this time around, but Svijanský Máz is not a reason to seek out a Svijany pub when for instance Svijanský Rytíř is a much better beer.

The restaurant at Florenc Hotel was a nice place to spend an hour or so for lunch and beer. The service was very good, and especially the waitress did an excellent job by explaining in English what was on the menu. I especially liked the restaurant's mushroom soup a lot and it is to be recommended.

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