Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The new pub guide to Prague

Finally it is available. Pivní Filosof has been working for some time now on his pub guide to Prague. The beer philosopher has in my opinion one of the best beer blogs around, and it has been interesting following his posts on Czech beers, pubs and food. Now you can read his thoughts about Czech beers and pubs in Prague in the book "Prague - A Pisshead's Pub Guide".

Pivní Filosof's book can be ordered through at this link, and right now I am waiting for my copy. I am sure that it will be a good read for both myself and other visitors to the Czech capital. I was lucky to read a draft of one of the chapters last Summer, and it was both enjoyable and informative. The guide is a collection of various pub crawls through Prague, and the chapter I read was an excellent piece on pubs near Wenceslas Square with accurate information about both beers and tap rooms.

Prague is a great place for beer tourists. Pivní Filosof's book will probably make a visit to the town even more enjoyable.

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