Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best of 2009: Beer blogs

There are many beer blogs out there, and many of them gives me interesting reading. Week after week I find myself using some time reading what other beer bloggers have on their mind, and I really enjoy using this time.

Most beer blogs that I follow write about places and beers that I have possibilities to know better. Therefore there are a lot of good American beer blogs that I miss out on. But I read some of them now and then. But I like going to the Czech Republic, and bloggers like Velky Al and Evan Rail have given me information about beers and pubs that have made my Prague trips more interesting. Evan Rail's blog has been one of my favourites, as he is an knowledgable writer with interesting views. His blog has not been updated for nearly three months, and that unfortunately makes his blog slip out from my nominees.

Before I do the countdown, I would like to thank Knut Albert, Boak & Bailey, The Beer Nut, Velky Al and Seen Through A Glass for doing good work. I really like your blogs. I also send out a nod to Girl Likes Beer for her different form of blogging with videos.

Let's go to the nominees:

- Shut Up About Barclay Perkins
- Cooking Lager
- Pivní Filosof

Ronald Pattinson lives in Amsterdam and shares his knowledge about beers on Shut Up About Barclay Perkins by posting tasting notes, comments and most important of all: Extended tables with brewing records and recipes. His blog is a great source for such information, and it is also a great read.

Cooking Lager is the odd one out in the beer blogging community. This British based blogger shares his love for cheap brews while also sharing great knowledge in beers and beer styles. His blog can be read in many ways, and I see it as both a great parody of other beer blogs and as a salutation to beer as a drink. It is also something to drink while thirsty! Check out Cooking Lager's blog and get yourself some laughs.

Pivní Filosof posts from Prague, and he shares his love for Czech beers and food with beer reviews and the occational food recipe. He is also writing about various pubs and restaurants and pubs, and his website has become a major source on where to drink (and sometimes eat) while in Prague. This is an excellent blog, that also is available in Spanish.

And the winner is:

- Pivní Filosof

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