Sunday, February 14, 2010

Another Brew Dog

Among the newer beers at Vinmonopolet, you can find Brew Dog's Punk IPA. If we are to believe the label this is another of the Scottish brewery's no holds barred beer marketing products, and it is called "an aggressive beer" that the brewery does not care "if you don't like".

In the glass this is a somewhat unclear golden beer. There is nearly no carbonation, a small head and my first thought is that it looks like a Belgian wit. The aroma is sweet with some flowers and hints of yeast. In the mouth there is first sweetness before bitterness takes over. There is a lot of hops in the beer leading into a hoppy aftertaste nearly tickling the tongue before some grapefruit leads off.

I felt this was a nice and enjoyable beer. Myself, I was not scared by it, and compared to my other IPA experiences this was a moderate beer. I remember my first outing with Nøgne Ø's IPA, which has much more bite than Brew Dog's Punk IPA.

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  1. I think they have in mind Greene King IPA, the most readily available IPA in the UK, and/or Deuchar's IPA. Both are very mildly flavoured and, compared to them, Punk is *very* aggressive. Greene King IPA in particular makes beer geeks angry about the 'misuse' of the term -- it has less than 4% abv, is darkish brown, and has no hop character to speak of.