Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Finally 1516

I had visited the 1516 Brewing Company brewpub in Vienna on a busy evening, so I decided to be back later. At lunchtime another day I had some time. After taking a tram to Schwarzenbergplatz, I walked to the pub in Schwarzenbergstraße.

I could only have one beer at the 1516 Brewing Company, so I read some beer reviews on the internet before coming to brewpub. There was praise to find about the Victory Hop Devil India Pale Ale, so I decided to have that beer. This is a whole leaf hopped beer that has won prices, so I was happy to find it on the menu.

In the glass this is a cloudy beer with some carbonation and a large head. I felt some grapefruit in the nose, while the beer tasted of more grapefruit and some malts before a bitter and hoppy finish.

Victory Hop Devil India Pale Ale was a wonderful beer, and it was a shame that there was not more time for me to try other beers from the 1516 Brewing Company's menu. But perhaps if I get back to Vienna?

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  1. I love 1516- the "Lager" they sell is possibly one of the most quaffable beers anywhere. It is really nothing like a lager; smoother than water with a glorious, if subtle, aftertaste. It screems "session".