Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vienna's best brewpub?

Of all the brewpubs I visited in Vienna, I liked Salm Bräu the best. The brewpub is placed near Belvedere, and taking tram number 71 to the Unteres Belvedere tram stop will get you more or less next to Salm Bräu.

The fun thing is that it was not the beer that made me enter the brewpub. Salm Bräu was recommended for good dinner dishes with large portions. I had some spareribs, and they were excellent. The portion was so large that I had problems eating all of it.

Salm Bräu brews several beers. On my visit i could drink Pils, Helles, Märzen, Böhmisch G´mischt and Weizen. As always in Vienna, I started with the helles. This was a cloudy beer with some carbonation and a medium sized head. There was not much aroma from the beer. In the mouth I felt malts, yeast and biscuit before a watery finish with a touch of hops. As I was sitting outside in the beer garden drinking this beer, it felt perfect as the sun was shining.

I also had a go at Salm Bräu's pils. This beer had nearly no carbonation and a medium sized head. I felt a touch of grass in the nose, while the taste was a little bit more bitter than the helles. The finish was hoppy. I also liked this beer a lot, but that day the helles was my favourite.

There was also time to try the wheat beer. The weizen was a cloudy beer with some carbonation. It had some banana in the nose, and the banana was also leading in the mouth with some bread and a sweet touch of tutti frutti bubble gum. This was another nice beer.

I had a great time at Salm Bräu, and I can recommend the brewpub for both the beers and the spareribs. A little piece of advice: There is a happy hour on weekdays between 3PM and 5PM and at Saturdays between 12AM and 4PM. All beers are then at half price. That is a bargain!

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