Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Another taste of Cantillion

Lately I have often found a sour beer on tap at Henrik in Bergen. Earlier this month the pub offered Cantillion Gueuze. This Belgian sour beer is a blend of several lambics. In the glass there was a small head, but the beer had some carbonation. The beer was cloudy, and I felt some sour cherries in the nose. In the mouth there was cherries and not yet ripe gooseberries. I liked it, and I felt it was refreshing even though it had a sour taste.

After having tried some sour beers this year, I feel these beer styles are both different and exciting. I also like Henrik's rotating tap system, where there is always at least one surprising draught beer available from Nøgne Ø or imported by the Norwegian craft brewery. Henrik is one of Bergen's best beer bars, and beer interested visitors to Bergen should make a visit a must.

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