Friday, September 23, 2011

A citizen's pub

Skostredet street in Bergen has had a renaissance during the last few years. Shops and cafes have popped up, and now and then there are markets days offering buyers everything from jumble sale goods to modern art.

Folk og røvere is among the newer establishments in the street. This is a pub owned by a group of 46 friends who have tried to make a pub concept that the owners believe that the city of Bergen needs.

I liked the atmosphere at Folk og røvere. The music played was quality rock from the seventies and eighties, and the cute waitress was both charming and nice talking to. But what about the draught beer in the pub? Folk og røvere only sells Hansa pale lager from tap. I have had my share of Hansa during my years as a beer drinker, and these days I usually buy other brands when I want a pale lager.

Hansa Pils was with the usual pale colour, a lot of carbonation and a small head. The nose was malty and sweet with a touch of flowers. In the mouth I felt more malts, some sweetness and a malty finish with a hoppy twist. It was better than I expected, but Hansa Pils is still among the average lager beers.

Folk og røvere also sells bottled beers from various breweries, but it would be great if some of them also were offered on tap. Nowadays a good pub should be able to have more than one draught beer. That also goes for Folk og røvere.

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