Saturday, October 15, 2011

A porter and a stout

I found two dark beers that looked interesting the other day. One was a porter from Harviestoun brewery, while the other was a stout from the Norwegian Lervig brewery in Stavanger.

Harveistoun's porter is called Old Engine Oil. It is a black beer with a lot of carbonation at once, but then the beer calms down. It has a medium sized head, and in the nose I feel burnt, dark chocolate. The chocolate is still there in the mouth with traces of burntness. There is also some sweetness before the bittersweet finish mentioned on the label. This was a fine porter that I enjoyed.

Konrad's stout from Lervig is brewed with oatmeal. It is a strong beer with 10.4% alcohol. The beer is black with some carbonation. In the nose I feel cold coffee and leather. The beer is full bodied, and it tastes of coffee with a tiny touch of tobacco. The finish has coffee and a touch of vodka. This an even nicer beer, but one bottle was more than enough. Perhaps Konrad's stout is a beer for sharing?

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  1. Harviestoun Old Engine Oil is sold in Tescos as Tescos Finest Porter.