Monday, January 30, 2012

My first Berliner brewpub

There is no doubt that Georg Bräu has a wonderful location. Next to the river Spree in the famous Nikolaiviertel quarter in Berlin, I can imagine that this is a great place to sit outside in Summer enjoying the sun and some beers.

As it was Winter, there were no tables outside. Therefore I went inside to order one of the beers brewed on the premises. The choices were few and simple. At Georg Bräu there was a helles and a dunkles. I went for the pale beer.

A large glass of Georg Bräu helles was brought to my table by the cute, but very formal waitress. The cloudy and nearly orange coloured beer had no carbonation and a medium sized head. In the nose I felt grass and mints. In the mouth a combination of mints, yeast and caramel danced along with a strange taste I could not pinpoint. The finish had some caramel and a little touch of bitterness. I liked the beer, but it was not that interesting that I ordered another glass.

There were few people at Georg Bräu the day I visited. Most of them had food with their beer. On the table next to me some Russians had a duck dish that looked very tempting. I was not hungry. Otherwise I would have tried it out.

I left Georg Bräu in a good mood, but a few hours later I remembered that the brewpub had two beers. I forgot to taste the dunkles. Well, I guess I have more than the duck to try out if I ever revisit Georg Bräu.

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