Sunday, April 29, 2012

Unspecified beer

Trondhjem Mikrobryggeri is a place I return to whenever I visit Trondheim. The brewpub in the city centre has an atmosphere that I like in the afternoons. In the evenings it gets crowded and noisy, and I do not find it very enjoyable.

I come to Trondhjem Mikrobryggeri for the beers. All of them are brewed on the premises, but not all of them are that interesting. During my recent visit I tasted myself through some of the beers on the regular beer menu, and among them the IPA and the pale ale were my favourites.

There is always a sesasonal offer on the beer menu. This time it was a beer called Global Warming. I asked the waiter which beer style Global Warming was. He did not answer my question, prefering to explain me how the beer tasted.

In the glass Global Warming was a clouded beer with some carbonation and a small head. I felt hops and citrus in the nose. In the mouth there was hops, honey, some caramel and sweetness before a finish that was more or less only toffee. This was a lovely beer that I really enjoyed. Keep up the good work, brewmaster!

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