Saturday, June 2, 2012

Back at the draught beer desert

I have told several times on this blog what I do not like about Oslo's airport Gardermoen. Beerwise it is a draught beer desert. Most beers available on tap are pale lagers with some Guinness and Kilkenny here and there. I find that boring and bad for tourists. If you go to Norway's main airport, you should at least find some Norwegian craft beers. But you will not, neither from tap nor from bottle.

During my last visit at Gardermoen I went through both the domestic and international terminal to see if there was something that would interest me before my flight. I found some bottled beers from Brooklyn brewery, but that was about it when it comes to what I consider interesting beers.

But that was before I visited Aquavit Bar in the international terminal. For some reason Aquavit Bar sells Frydenlund Bayer. The Bavarian styled beer is one of my favourite macro brewery beers in Norway, and I was delighted to have a 0.6 litre glass of it before I had to go to the gate.

As always Frydenlund Bayer was a treat. I enjoyed the burnt notes and the caramel touch. It was a fine beer to have before leaving Norway.

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