Sunday, June 3, 2012

A good time in Prague

While in Prague, it is a good guess that I sooner or later turn up at Zlý Časy. The great beer bar at Čestmírova street near the Náměstí Bratří Synků tram stop is a must for me, and I like having the possibility of drinking some of the draught beers from the 24 available taps. Many of them are from regional Czech breweries, which otherwise would be very difficult for a foreigner to find.

On this visit I ventured into Czech ales. First out was Jubiler Mild Stout. The beer was black, had a mediums sized head and no carbonation. I felt coffee aromas, and the beer tasted of burnt malts and coffee before a watery finish. This beer would be a fine session beer. but I found it average compared to for instance the excellent Czech stout from the Primátor brewery.

I then tasted Matuška Raptor IPA. This paleish beer had a medium sized head and nearly no carbonation. In the nose I felt grapefruit with a touch of orange. I felt citrus with a touch of peach in the mouth before a partly bitter finish. This was lovely!

I stayed on for a few more beers without taking notes. That was very enjoyable!


  1. Looking forward for more updates regarding your latest visit in Prague. According to Pivni Filosof U Slovanske Lipy has closed. I was wondering if you know whether the new owner has opened yet?

  2. U Slovanske Lipy was still closed this weekend. I do not know when the pub will reopen, but Pivni Filosof will probably have an update when that happens.