Saturday, September 29, 2012

In-flight beers

When I am a airplane passenger, I usually prefer some wine with the in-flight meals as the beer selection normally consists of one kind of pale lager.

Lufthansa offers complimentary drinks, and beerwise the offer is from the German Warsteiner brewery. Warsteiner Premium Verum is a pale lager with 4.6% alcohol. In the glass it has some carbonation and a medium sized head. The beer has aromas of malts and sweetness, and it tastes of malts and a touch of hops before a partly bitter finish. This is an average pale lager that functions as a nice thirst quencher.

At Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) you need to pay for your drinks unless you are seated in Business Class. The beer on offer is Carlsberg pale lager with an alcohol content of 5%. In the nose I felt some malts, and tastewise there was nothing much to report about. I felt some apples and some yeast in the finish. This Carlsberg beer was another average lager, but the Warsteiner beer was to be preferred by me.

I have read reports saying that foods and drinks have less taste when consumed onboard an airplane. Perhaps airline companies should use that information to offer beers with more taste. I guess a hoppy pale lager like Pilsner Urquell or '77 Lager from BrewDog would be better alternatives to these two pale lagers.

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