Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bergen update

Things change also in Bergen. Earlier this year I wrote about Bar Barista, where no draughted beers were to be found. These days it is different, and the different Hansa beers on cans have been supplemented by a Spanish beer.

Bar Barista's bar after the new tap tower arrived.

Bar Barista now sells San Miguel from tap, and on warm summer days San Miguel is a nice alternative to Norwegian lagers like Ringnes, Frydenlund or Hansa.

A 0.3 litre glass of San Miguel as sold at Bar Barista.

Naboen seen from the outside.

On the other side of town, changes have also happened at Naboen. Their tap towers can offer new and different beers these days in addition to an English cider. The most interesting news are that Naboen now offers beers from the Norwegian brewery Haandbryggeriet.

These are the offerings at Naboen right now.

This means that beer lovers in Bergen have more choice than ever when it comes to draughted beers. Nøgne Ø has been available from tap at both Naboen and Henrik for some time, but it is very nice knowing that also Haandbryggeriet's draughted beers can be found in Bergen.

By the way: All three restaurants have websites. Bar Barista's website is here, while you can visit Naboen here and Henrik here.