Monday, December 27, 2010

A good time at Zlý Časy

Zlý Časy is one of the pubs in Prague that beer lovers recommend. It used to have most beer taps in the Czech capital, but 24 taps are nonetheless impressing. Zlý Časy is found on Čestmírova street next to Náměstí Bratří Synků. It is easy to get there by taking tram number 11 from the city centre.

I did not like it at Zlý Časy on my first visit in January. The waiter was grumpy, and my mood did not get any better by interacting with him. I had one beer, a Chotěboř Prémium světlý ležák, that was probably not in its best shape.

This time Zlý Časy was a better place to spend some hours. A different waiter was doing a good job by giving nice service and information about beers and breweries. I also met some expats, and I had a great time with them discussing beers, good pubs, Prague and life in general.

I had three beers during my visit to Zlý Časy. The first one was Tambor 12° světlý ležák. This was a golden lager with a nice head and as good as no carbonation. The beer had a fine, yeasty aroma, and it the mouth I felt malts, yeast and a hint of hops dancing along. This was a great lager!

The next beer was Kácov 12° světlý lezak. This was another great beer that I enjoyed from start to finish. I have lost my tasting notes for it, but one of the expats I was talking to at Zlý Časy told me to go a nearby pub to taste all of the Kácov beers. The U Klokočnika pub specialises in beers from the Kácov brewery, and it also sells kvasnicove versions of them. (Please check out Pivní Filosof's blogpost from U Klokočnika to read more about that pub.)

My session at Zlý Časy ended with a half litre of Klášter 11° světlý ležák. This is a beer I have been drinking many times in Prague, and it is an excellent golden lager that is well worth checking out.

I was happy when I left Zlý Časy that day, but I forgot one thing: To visit the beer shop on the premises. It is supposed to have a great beer selection.


  1. Yeah, that's a big thing to forget. The beer store there is the best in the city. And you got to Zly Casy, where they have an actual range of beers (pretty rare in Prague) besides just the generic light lager, and all you drink are light lagers?! They have dark lagers, too, and better yet, they have actual ALES! Seriously, a real beer lover would've been all over the ales.

  2. Thanks for your comment!

    This is the second post on Zlý Časy here on this blog. Here you can read a newer one which focuses on among others the ales:

    A new post about Zlý Časy is coming up later this Autumn.