Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

I wish all you readers of this blog a Happy New Year. As usual I use the first post of the new year to present some posts from the Beer Sagas archives that I feel are worth reading. Some are about good beers, while others tell about good places to drink beer. I hope you will find something interesting to read here:

Norway's best
For the second year in a row I have called Schouskjelleren Mikrobryggeri the best Norwegian beer bar. In this post from March 2012 I tell about one of my visits at this beer hall in Oslo.

Vienna brewpubs
In this post from May 2011 I tell about my visits to two brewpubs in Vienna. Austria is an excellent country for beers, by the way!

Good beer places in Prague
There are several good places to drink beer in the Czech capital. In this post from November 2011 I write about three of them: Zlý Časy, U Vodoucha and Hrom Do Police. The fourth one mentioned, U Slovanské Lípy, unfortunately closed down in 2012. It is rumoured that the pub will reopen some time during 2013, but with a new concept.

A local waterhole
You will probably not find tourists if you visit Klášterní Pivnice in Prague. It is a pub for the locals, and if you have a problem with cigarette smoke you better not visit. Inside, you will find great service, excellent beer and a fantastic atmosphere. Klášterní Pivnice is more than worth a visit, as recommended on this blog in July 2012.

A little pub
U Pižďucha is a gem among taprooms in Prague. In this post from December 2012 I tell a funny story from a visit I had at the tiny pub. What I did not mention in the post, was that the stamgast actually signed my book and that the barman stamped it with U Pižďucha's official stamp!

Difficult to choose
Things are happening in Bergen, Norway. Pubs and restaurants offer more draught beers than earlier, but the best selection is at Henrik. This beer place has more than 40 beer taps at the moment, as recorded in this post from December 2011.

A new favourite
One of the beers I prefer at the moment is the Rye IPA from the Lervig brewery of Stavanger, Norway. In this post from February 2012 I write about how I enjoyed that beer at Henrik in Bergen.

Airport craft beer
At Munich airport you can find a craft brewery. I never visited its brewpub, but in this post from May 2012 I drink the local brew at another bar at the airport.

Nice place in Berlin
In this post from February 2012 I tell about my first visit to the Zum Nußbaum pub in Berlin. I have been there several times after this visit, and it is one of my favourite pubs in the German capital.

Good beer from Berlin
The Berliner Weisse is an excellent beer style, if you ask me. It is a sour beer that needs the same attention as sour beers from Belgium. In this post from February 2012 I try the sour wheat beer at a restaurant in Berlin.

Loving lager beers
I sometimes write texts for The Session, where beer bloggers from all over the world write about the same topic on the same day. In this post from March 2009 I tell about my love for lager beers.