Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tuborg versus Tuborg

If you go to Denmark, Tuborg beer is everywhere. The traditional brewery once based in Hellerup outside Copenhagen has been owned by Carlsberg for the last 40 years, and its beers can be found all over the world. In some countries the original Danish Tuborg beer is sold, while elsewhere Tuborg is brewed on licence by a local brewery.

Tuborg's flagship is Grøn Tuborg (green Tuborg), which is a pale lager. I have fond memories of vacations spent in Denmark enjoying Grøn Tuborg with friends or as a thirst quencher in Summer.

While visiting Copenhagen earlier this month I ended up near the old brewery site in Hellerup. The premises are still used as offices, but the beer and soft drinks are being produced in Fredericia in Jutland.

Being in Hellerup it was neccessary to try some Tuborg from tap. A little cafe in what used to be the bottling building had both Grøn Tuborg and Tuborg Classic as draught beers. Unfortunatly they were out of Tuborg Classic, so I ordered only Grøn Tuborg.

Grøn Tuborg was a pale lager with little carbonation and a little head. In the nose I felt a grainy and malty touch. Grøn Tuborg had not that much taste. I felt it was somewhat watery with a touch of butter before a malty finish with a hint of apricot. The beer is OK, but there are loads of pale lagers I prefer to it.

At Copenhagen airport there are several bars. One of them is Bryggeren. It has a nice selection of bottled beers, and from tap you could earlier this month drink Carlsberg, Carl's Special, Grøn Tuborg, Tuborg Classic and Tuborg Julebryg.

I wanted to try out the Tuborg Classic from tap. This is a beer that is widely available in Denmark, and cans with it advertise that it has a fuller pilsener taste.

The bartender gave me a half litre of Tuborg Classic in a Carlsberg glass. The colour is golden, and the beer was fizzier and had a larger head than Grøn Tuborg. The nose was dominated by malts. In the mouth the malts took the lead with a bready feeling and some hoppy bitterness. The beer was also more fullbodied than Grøn Tuborg.

My choice is clear. If the selection is Grøn Tuborg and Tuborg Classic, I will go for the latter. It has a better taste, and it is much more interesting to drink.

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