Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Copenhagen's Brewpub

In the city centre of Copenhagen there are many places to find a beer. One of them is Brewpub. This is a great name. It tells everybody exactly what kind of place it is: A pub with a brewery on the premises.

Many beers are brewed at Brewpub, and according to their website there are 14 taps with both Brewpub's own beers and some guest beers.

Brewpub looks like a nice combined pub and restaurant. On my visit earlier this month I did not try any food, but I liked the atmosphere. The place was packed on my visit, so it felt like a popular pub.

The first beer I tried at Brewpub was Brewster. This is a pale ale with nearly no carbonation and a small head. In the nose there were scents of yeast, while in the mouth hops were present with a nice taste of orange. I really enjoyed Brewster, and this is a beer I would love to try again.

Being December, it was natural to have a go at one of the Christmas beers. Red Xmas was dark red, and the beer had almost no carbonation nor head. There were nearly no aromas from the beer, but it had tastes of caramel, coffee and hops. Red Xmas is a nice beer, but I preferred Brewster to this beer.

There are also other brewery pubs in Copenhagen. Bryggeriet Apollo next to Tivoli is one of them, but because of queues I did not visit it this time around. Another place is Færgekroen inside Tivoli, which was recently visited by fellow Norwegian beer blogger Knut Albert.

I am back in Copenhagen next year, and I will return to Brewpub. But I will also try to visit Færgekroen and Bryggeriet Apollo and other brewery pubs in the Danish capital. If you have any suggestions, please leave a recommendation in the comments field.

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