Sunday, October 10, 2010

Choices, choices, choices

As I was walking from the railway station in Malmö towards the harbour, a house caught my eye. The Green Lion Inn looked like a typical English pub, so I went towards the building. I thought to myself that it was time for a draught bitter, and an English pub should have at least one tempting beer in that beer style.

Inside I was overwhelmed. The Green Lion Inn had a lot of taps. I read on Pivni Filosof's blog that the current tap race leader in Prague has 30 taps. I was therefore positively chocked to see 40 taps with various beers from all over the world.

It was time to choose something to drink, and that was difficult. Should I have something from Flying Dog, Fuller's, Kwak, Marston, Samual Adams, Weihenstephan, Twisted Thistle, Marston or a Swedish brewery?

I had time for only one beer, and I wanted to try something I had not tried before. After some thinking I ended up with a German beer, HB Original from Hofbräuhaus. I have been to Hofbräuhaus in Munich once without tasting any beers, so my choice was partly nostalgic.

The HB Original was a pale lager with a large head and little carbonation. In the nose I felt grains, while the taste was of citrus, a hint of bread, some butter and a nice and bitter finish. I liked this lager a lot. The price was 66 SEK for a pint of delightful German lager.

Do you like beers and are going to Malmö? Take the time to visit The Green Lion inn. It is a must!

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