Monday, October 11, 2010

Intermezzo in Denmark

Driving through the Danish island of Zealand is not a boring affair. Distances are short, as the island itself is not that big. I am in a car doing what many Swedes often do: Crossing the Öresund strait into Denmark to have a nice outing in another country. Sure, Germany could be even more tempting with its even lower prices than Denmark, but Zealand is not Sweden and it is nice getting out of Scania to see something else.

Copenhagen is the Danish capital and it is what many visitors see of Denmark. Zealand is both urban and countryside in one. The motorway cuts its path through Danish woods and fields, and the small hills here and there are a relief from the flat land.

We choose to stop at a Netto supermarket on our way back to Sweden. The beer section is mainly occupied by products from Tuborg and Carlsberg. Interestingly enough, those beers taste better from bottle in Denmark than anywhere else in the world.

Netto has an offer on Harboe pilsner this day: A crate of beer for less than 3 DKK a bottle. Sure, we will take along a crate. Harboe has not the best connotations. The brewery is known for mass brewing beer at low prices.

But my sceptic thoughts came quickly to an end. This Harboe pilsner was a positive surprise. In the glass it was a pale lager with some carbonation and a medium sized head. Then came the revelation as the nose showed scents of bread and banana. Lovely! In the mouth I felt malts and bread before a wheat based finish. This was a great beer and a bargain at such a price. It was more than worth the ride from Sweden to Denmark.

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