Friday, October 29, 2010

A Swedish local

Taking the number 4 bus from the city centre of Malmö, brings you to the neighbourhood of Slottsstaden. The Kronprinsen building stands like a beacon in Slottsstaden. It is the fifth tallest buildings in Sweden, and the high rise was the largest building in Malmö until the building of the Turning Torso skyscraper, which was completed in 2006.

The view from the top of Kronprinsen is great. You can see a lot of Scania, and it is easy to see Denmark and Copenhagen across the Öresund strait. I had been recommended the restaurant Översten at Kronprinsen, which is placed on the 26th floor. Översten is supposed to have good lunches, but I never got to try them. On my visit to the restaurant, the waiter asked me with a smile if I had ordered a table in advance. I had not, so I was asked to leave the restaurant. That was a shame, as there were many free tables.

On the street level, I asked a man if there were other restaurants in the area. I was not ready for Spanish, French, Japanese or Chinese food that day, so I ended up at Kvarterskrogen. Kvarterskrogen, which is also called Buffen, is like a local pub with a kitchen. They sell typical Swedish courses, and I liked the plankstek I ordered.

Kvarterskrogen can offer five beers on tap. The Swedish Pripps Blå is offered in two versions - both as a starköl and a lättöl. Then there is Carlsberg pale lager, Guinness stout and the Czech Staropramen pale lager. I chose the latter.

I have had some Staropramen lagers on my visits to Prague. It looks like Staropramen is a in-beer in Sweden these days, and many pubs and restaurants offer it on tap. It has never been one of my favourite beers, and I did not change my mind. The beer had some carbonation and a medium sized head. The nose was malty with a hint of hops. The hops took the lead in the mouth with a nasty bitterness combined with more hops, a hint of sugar and a touch of grains. This was not my cup of tea. But I liked Kvarterskrogen and stayed there for some time trying out some of the bottled beers.

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