Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kontoret news

If you are looking for craft beer on tap in Bergen, Kontoret is one of the pubs to be considered. It is placed in the city centre more or less next to the Den blå steinen sculpture, and it is therefore easy to find. Kontoret has a large selection of bottled beers, and for the last year it has also offered beers from the little Ægir brewery on tap.

In addition to draughted Ægir, it is also possible to drink the local Hansa pale lager, Murphy's stout and Old Speckeled Hen from tap. Of the last three mentioned, I prefer the latter. Old Speckeled Hen has a nice creamy texture, and I like its hints of caramel and toffee.

Lately Kontoret has introduced another tap. It is supposed to be a rotating tap, so customers will never know which beer to find. On my last visits I have been drinking both BrewDog's 5 AM Saint and Ægir's Rakfiskøl. As far as I know, this is the first bar in Bergen to offer a beer from BrewDog on tap. 5 AM Saint was a red beer with a nice aroma of hops and peaches. In the mouth there were more peaches before a bitter finish. I liked this beer, but I felt Ægir's Rakfiskøl was more interesting. It is an altbier made to go with the traditional Norwegian rakfisk dish. It is a copper coloured beer with a fruity aroma. In the mouth there is pear before a watery finish with a hint of apple. This was a great session beer, and I feel it would be a nice companion to other fish courses like smoked salmon or mackerel.

Kontoret is a pub that is not to be forgotten in Bergen. Although Naboen and Henrik have more taps and a bigger selection in draught beers, a special and interesting beer on Kontoret's rotating tap will make it a place to be checked out now and then.

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