Monday, November 22, 2010

Two from Atna

Atna Øl is one of Norway's smaller breweries. Until lately, I had never tried any of their beers. Atna's beers from bottles are often available in Norwegian pubs with a wide beer selection, but they are not very often found as draught beers.

Recently I came across some Atna beers at a supermarket for the first time. I wanted to try some new Norwegian beers, so both Atna Nakenbad and Atna Stabbursøl found their way into my trolley. Both beers are ecological beers.

First out was Atna Nakenbad, which translated into English means nude bathing. The label says that this is a beer with traces of wilderness. From the nose I found nothing wild except for a fruity aroma with a hint of strawberry. The beer was cloudy with a small head and nearly no carbonation. In the mouth there was very little taste before a finish with grains and some bitterness. I felt it was a different beer than what I am used to, but it will not become a favourite.

Atna Stabbursøl (English: grainary beer) was another cloudy beer with a small head. There was some carbonation, though. This beer is brewed by using only malts and hops, according to the bottle label. There was very little taste from the beer. I felt hint of hops, but otherwise this was a watery beer that I did not enjoy.

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