Friday, May 6, 2011

Austrian wheat beers

There are several breweries in Austria making good weissbier. One of them is the Edelweiss brewery. The brewery's slogan is "Alpenfrischer Genuss", which can be translated into English as "fresh enjoyment from the Alps".

In a supermarket in Vienna I found two wheat beers from the brewery, and of course I took some bottles back to the hotel room. I first tried Edelweiss Hofbräu. The beer was cloudy with aromas of banana. The banana was very assertive in the mouth with a bready touch. I liked this wheat beer a lot, and I would like to try it again head to head with excellent German weizens like Paulaner and Weihenstephaner.

Then it was time for Edelweiss Hefetrüb. This was another beer with much banana in the nose. There was nearly no carbonation, and it had a medium sized head. In the mouth I felt some banana and bread before a watery finish. Edelweiss Hefetrüb is a nice wheat beer, but Edelweiss Hofbräu is the better and tastier choice.

During a visit to a pub in the city centre of Vienna I tried another wheat beer. I have forgotten the name of the pub, but it offered a wheat beer from the Zwickl brewery. This cloudy wheat beer was far from fizzy and had a decent, medium sized head. The nose had aromas of bread and banana. In the mouth I felt bread and yeast before a finish with a touch of banana. Zwickl weizen was another nice wheat beer, but I felt that the Edelweiss Hofbräu was the best of these three beers.


  1. When it comes to Wheat Beer, my taste is Paulaner, the good thing about is you can get it everywhere in the world

  2. I am also very fond of Paulaner, and I usually buy the hefeweizen when I want a wheat beer. During my stay in Vienna I found Paulaner hefeweizen on tap here and there. One of the places was the Schweizerhaus.