Sunday, July 31, 2011

Danish stout

Danish craft brewers are making several interesting beers at the moment. One of the interesting breweries in Denmark right now is Nørrebro Bryghus, and in their line-up of beers you can find La Granja Stout.

La Granja Stout is a black beer. It is a black, fizzy beer with nearly no head. In the nose I feel cold coffee and some limonade. The stout tastes of coffee and some licorice. This is a nice stout, but I would prefer to see it with less carbonation and a larger head. La Granja Stout has 7.5% alcohol.

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  1. I tried Nørrebro Ravnsborg Rød and Nørrebro Stuykman Wit recently but they where only OK (6/10 and 5/10) But a couple weeks ago I tested Nørrebro Little Korkny Ale and it was wonderful. (8/10 close to 9/10)