Thursday, March 8, 2012

Black Magic

The tiny 0.25 litre bottle smiled at me at the shelf at a Vinmonopolet outlet. It was tiny and had the most intriging label. I just had to buy a bottle of Kinn's Svartekunst.

The description on the label made me laugh. Svartekunst is supposed to be a foreign export double imperial russian export stout bitter. It also stated that the beer should be lagered until 2013. Then it would taste the best. OK. I get the idea. This is not another black IPA or dark pilsner. Or black kölsch, for that matter.

In the glass Svartekunst was a black beer with nearly no carbonaton and a medium sized head. In the nose I felt sweetness and some dark chocolate. The taste was of dark chocolate, coffee and some sweetness before a finish with bitter coffee and touches of the darkest chocolate ever. This was joined by an alcohol feeling with a spark of vodka. I liked this beer, but perhaps I drank it way too early?

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