Saturday, March 3, 2012

Two different beers

Sol is a beer I have encountered several times, but it must have been at least ten years since I tasted it last time around. Recently, Sol was given an excellent distribution in Norwegian supermarkets, and the Mexican pale lager is to be found more or less everywhere.

In the glass, this was a very pale beer. Sol had some carbonation and a large head. The beer had aromas of sweetness, malts and cardboard. There was not much flavour from this beer. I felt some cardboard and grass before a watery finish. This was a boring beer.

The Danish Skand brewery has several interesting beers in its line-up. I found Esrum Kloster at a Vinmonopolet outlet. This is a beer with 7.5% alcohol, and it is supposed to be from a classic monastery beer recipe. In the glass, Esrum Kloster had a dark copper colour. It was nearly black. The beer had some carbonation and a small head. In the nose I felt cold coffee and some sweetness. The beer tasted of caramel and lots of spices and herbs. The spices and herbs were difficult to pinpoint. Some were sweet, and some felt a bit bitter. I liked the beer in the beginning, as I felt it was different. In the end I got bored of it, and I guess this is not a beer I will buy very often.

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  1. I've also found Sol very boring and watery. A few decent Mexican lagers I enjoy here in the United States are Tecate, Bohemia and Dos equis.