Friday, January 9, 2009

Ringnes Bayersk Lager

First I wrote about Hansa's beer in Bavarian style. Then I wrote about the Naboen pub and restaurant's Bayer. This time I will take a look at Ringnes' version of Bavarian beer.

Ringnes is the biggest brewer in Norway. The brewery is owned by Carlsberg, and the brewery group owns several Norwegian brewers. Their flagship is the Ringnes Pilsener, but Ringnes also has several other beers on offer in several styles.

Ringnes Bayersk Lager pours into the glass with a large head and much carbonation. The head disappears quickly, and the same can be said about the carbonation. In colour, it is lighter than the other Norwegian Bavarian style beers covered here at Beer Sagas. It is more or less light amber.

In taste there is a burnt character. The beer has hints of sweetness, but the finish is bitter. The lightness makes it an inferior offer compared to Hansa's Bayer, but all in all this is an OK beer.

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