Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ram on

There are many beers available on import here in Norway, but one of the newest ones is Velkopopovický Kozel dark lager. Velkopopovický Kozel hails from the Czech city Velké Popovice in Bohemia. The beer's label features a ram, and the word Kozel means exactly that in Czech.

The Kozel brewery makes several beers, and I have tasted both their dark and pale lagers from tap in The Czech Republic without thinking of them as something special. Finding Kozel here in Norway was a very welcome sight as I like being able to have a good variety of beers in the shops. Here the dark lager is sold in 0.5 litre bottles. The price is 35 NOK, which is about 3.50 GBP or 4 EUR.

Poured into a glass the bottled Kozel dark lager is black with a nice and lasting head. There is much carbonation, and I would call the beer fizzy. I smell caramel and coffee, but in the mouth a sugary feeling takes command. In the end the dark lager becomes much too sweet in my opinion, and I feel it is difficult to drink the content of my glasss.

I am afraid that the Velkopopovický Kozel dark lager will not be among my favourite beers. The sweetness kills what might be interesting tastes. But perhaps the local women will pick it up?

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  1. When I first moved to Prague back in 1999, Kozel was still an independent brewer and their lagers were really lovely, with a nice hoppy bite in the aftertaste which the likes of Gambrinus couldn't match. Then along came SABMiller, such a sorry story of a once good beer being managed by accountants!