Monday, April 5, 2010

The great Pivovarský Klub

One of the places in Prague that beer bloggers praise, is Pivovarský Klub. I haven't had time to take a look at the beer club until this year. Pivovarský Klub is the sister pub of Pivarský Dům in the city centre. It is placed in Křižiková street, not far from the Florenc metro and bus terminal.

Pivovarský Klub is dedicated to beers, and it shows. On the shelves there are dozens of beer bottles and branded glasses, and old beer placards and signs are all over the place. You can also find beer kettles in the restaurant, which in all makes for a nice environment.

There are plenty of beers and beer styles to be found at Pivovarský Klub. Name a Czech brewery that bottles its beers, and they most certainly sell it at Pivovarský Klub together with loads of foreign beers. You can buy beers to enjoy at the restaurant or to take away.

But there are even more beers than this. They also sell draught beers, and at any time there are six different taps in Pivovarský Klub. Usually they sell Czech beers not found elsewhere in Prague, so visiting Pivovarský Klub will give the visitors a possiblity to drink something new. Now and then also foreign beers are available. On my last visit, they for instance sold the Schlenkerla rauchbier from tap.

The taps are decorated by numbers in brass. Each number is referenced over the bar with names of the beers being tapped at the moment. Usually you should find Pivovarský Klub's own special lager, Štěpán Světlý Ležák, on one of the taps. This beer is made especially for this restaurant and Pivarský Dům.

The food I have tasted at Pivovarský Klub has been very good, but I have been mostly interested in the beers on my visits. The first time around I had the excellent Štěpán lager. I never did any tasting notes while drinking it, because I knew I was coming back. That was a shame, as they never had the beer on my later visits. I remember Štěpán to be a tasty lager beer that I would love to find here in Norway as well.

On my last visit I tried the Regent Prezident. This is an unfiltered 14° lager which in the glass had a yellow and unclear look. There was a lot of yeast in the nose, but in the mouth the yeast was joined by sweetness and some melon. The finish was somewhat bitter, but still pleasant. A really good beer!

Pivovarský Klub is one of the places in Prague I will visit every time I am in the Czech capital. The great selection in beers (both on tap and in bottles) and a great smoke free atmosphere makes this place a must.

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