Friday, March 25, 2011

Henrik and Nøgne Ø

Henrik is one of my favourite pubs in Bergen. One of the reasons is that there is always a draught beer there that I want to try out. Usually this is one of the beers from one of the three Nøgne Ø taps. Most of the times this is one of Nøgne Ø's own beers, but now and then this could be a beer from a brewery Nøgne Ø considers as a friend brewery like Mikkeler or BrewDog.

During the last month I have had two visits to Henrik. On one of the visits Nøgne Ø's porter was on tap. I have tried it before, and I remembered it as a nice beer. In the glass this was a black beer with nearly no carbonation and a small head. There was some coffee in the nose, while the beer had flavours of cold coffee and dark chocolate before a bitter finish. I liked it a lot, and I consider Nøgne Ø's porter a very good beer.

On another visit I had Nøgne Ø's IPA. This is a beer I drink now and then from bottles at home, and I consider it a much better beer now than when I reviewed it on this blog. Over two years have passed, and IPAs are no longer extreme beers to my palate. The draught version of Nøgne Ø's IPA was somewhat unclear in the glass. It had a copper colour and there was a medium sized head. In the nose I felt grapefruit, and the grapefruit took the lead in the mouth with some pepper and a hint of herbs. The finish is bitter with a touch of orange. These days I like this beer, but I prefer IPAs with a less bitter bite to it.

Henrik is a great pub. If you are in Bergen, it is worth checking out.

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