Friday, September 2, 2011

The Session: Label, Coaster and Cap Art

The first Friday each month is the day for The Session. The Session is the beer writing project where beer writers and bloggers from around the globe write on a single beer-related topic on the same day. This month the topic is "Label, Coaster and Cap Art", and it is hosted by Curtis Taylor at Hop Head Said. Thanks for hosting, Curtis! And also thanks for finding a beer related topic that is both imaginative and nice to write about.

Coasters or beer mats are a kind of merchandise I find interesting. I fancy drinking beer out of original branded glasses, and I try to buy some of the beer glasses I really like. Coasters are also of interest. Especially because pubs and bars rarely offer them here in Norway. Therefore I often ask waiters and bartenders abroad if I can take coasters home from the bar. They add to the enjoyment of having a beer at home, and they are also excellent souvenirs after a great vacation.

My beer travels have usually been to the Czech Republic. Therefore most of my coasters are Czech. Here is a collection of some of my favourites:

Pilsner Urquell is one of my favourite beers. This beer mat has a simple, but striking design focusing on a beer bottle label. The coaster from Pivovarský Klub in Prague uses the pub's logo. It is effective, and it is a fine coaster. The little brewpub Pražský most u Valšů in Prague shows hops, grains and beer in something I feel is a nice and nearly epic design. Svijany's beer mat is also visually striking combining a keg and the beautiful Svijany logo.

But my favourite? I like this coaster from the Ježek brewery quite a lot. It has a simple but enjoyable design. And it is difficult not liking the cute hedgehog.


  1. A fellow coaster enthusiast! I am similar to you in that I can't separate a coaster from the experience. They are connected somehow and the coaster has come alive with the memory of any particular drinking session.

    Thanks for participating today.

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