Monday, March 26, 2012

Railway Belgian

One of Oslo's most interesting pubs can be found at the main railway station, Oslo S. The Kristiania pub is situated in what was once a waiting room. These days it is a nice pub where you can also order food. Among the draught beers you can find beers like Hansa, Heineken and Carling pale lagers, Hansa Bayer, Murphy's Stout and both the Hefeweizen and the Dunkel from Erdinger.

During my visit I chose the monthly special. This was Chouffe Triple IPA from Belgium. This was a partly cloudy pale beer with nearly no carbonation and a medium sized head. In the nose I felt a fruit cocktail. The beer tasted of peaches and various other fruits with some Belgian yeast. The finish was partly sugary. I liked the first sips of this beer, but then it became rather boring and a bit too sweet.

Kristiania is a nice, scenic pub with a fine atmosphere. If you are going to Oslo airport, it is a good place to have a beer before the trip.

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