Monday, April 2, 2012

A taste of Easter

While there are a lot of Norwegian breweries making Christmas beers, there are not that many making beers for Easter. Sure, when I read other beer blogs and read Facebook posts, I see that there are some beers available. But most of them are either sold out or they have a lousy distribution.

I had a search for Easter beers in Bergen last Saturday. After visiting the better stocked Vinmonopolet outlets, the better supermarkets and some of the city's beer bars I had to make a conclusion. This year's Easter beers might be available for a selected few beer tickers, but not for the average Norwegian beer drinker.

By mistake I found one Easter beer while not looking for one. Ægir's Påskesol was available at a Meny supermarket. The beer had a best before date in 2014, so I believe this is a batch made for this Easter. In the glass Ægir Påskesol was a cloudy beer with some carbonation and a large head. In the nose I felt sweetness and some yeast. The beer had an assertive touch of Belgian yeast, some wheat and fruit cocktail before a rather anonymous finish with some tutti frutti chewing gum.

Sure, Påskesol is just another of those average beers that you would like to try again now and then but rarely bother. With a price tag of nearly 60 NOK for 0.5 litres I would rather buy something else. I could get two bottles of Lervig's Lucky Jack pale ale at the same price, or perhaps I should fork out less than an additional tenner to buy Ægir's IPA? Both are more interesting Norwegian beers, the way I see it.

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