Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Near the city square in Bodø, you can find Paviljongen. In Summer it is possible to sit outside enjoying the North-Norwegian weather. In Winter it is better sitting inside keeping oneself warm.

If you want something to eat, hamburgers, lasagne, chicken, salads or fish soup are among the courses on the menu. But I wanted something to drink, and on offer there were draught beers from Mack brewery. The choices were Arctic Beer or Bayer, a beer in the Bavarian style. In short, this was a very boring selection. At least a place like this should have a draught beer available from a brewery like Nøgne Ø, Haandbryggeriet or Ægir. But this is typical of Bodø. Pale lagers rule the taps in pubs and bars.

Mack's Arctic Beer is one the brewery's many pale lagers. It has usually a grainy taste, but for some reason I felt the beer tasted different at Paviljongen. There were no aromas, and the taste was typical for a eurolager but without the grainy touch. Perhaps there was something wrong with the lines, or perhaps the beer was subpar? In addition to this, the atmosphere at Paviljongen was not very good. The waiter seemed under pressure by stress, and a customer did not make his day better by yelling to him after something that had happened earlier.

I went into the city square thinking that Paviljongen perhaps is a better place in Summer. I did not fancy being there this time around.

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