Sunday, March 6, 2011

The most Northern beers?

Mack markets itself as the world's northernmost brewery. The Tromsø based brewery has a wide range of beers, but typical of Norway most of them are pale lagers. Here I will showcase five of Mack's lagers.

Mack Arctic Beer is the Mack beer I usually have been drinking when I find it on tap. From the can this is a pale lager with a medium sized head and some carbonation. There are grains and malts in the nose, while the beer has a more distinct malt taste before a grainy finish with a touch of biscuit. There is also a metallic note in this beer, but that could come from the can.

Mack Pilsner is Mack's ordinary lager beer. This is another pale lager with some carbonation and a medium sized head. There is very little aroma. I feel a touch of grains, but that is all. This beer also has a malty taste like Mack Arctic Beer, but the grains taste is not that distinct before a semi bitter finish. This is a boring lager.

Mack Høstøl is one of Mack's seasonal beers. This is an Autumn beer, and in the glass it has a golden colour. There is some carbonation, and the beer builds a medium sized head. Høstøl has a fruity nose. In the mouth there are apples, some caramel and a touch of pear in the finish. This was a delicious lager!

Mack Mørketidsøl is the brewery's Winter beer. On the can it is called a dark beer, but in the glass the colour is golden. In the nose I feel a touch of caramel, while in the mouth this is a malty beer with hints of caramel. The beer also has a watery feeling, and it is a boring beer compared to the Høstøl.

Mack Haakon is a copper coloured beer with some carbonation. In the nose there is caramel, while the beer has a toffee taste to the fore with a burnt touch. This is another lovely beer from Mack.

After tasting these beers, Mack Arctic Beer is no longer my favourite beer from the Tromsø brewery. These days I would go for Haakon or Høstøl. Høstøl is a gem that I have never seen on sale outside Northern Norway. (Please correct me if I am wrong.) But it should be available, as it is a much better product than Mack's Pilsner and Arctic Beer.

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