Friday, March 11, 2011


Outside a large U is hanging as a sign post. What kind of place is this? As I get closer, I see that this is one of the newer bars in Bergen. But why a U? I find out later. The bar is called Ujevnt, and it uses the first letter to advertise for itself.

Inside Ujevnt is a cozy place with nice bar stools. But I feel very little ambience. There are some people in the pub, but they keep to themselves. Some interesting beers are available from bottle, but I want to check out the draught beers. I find the local Hansa pale lager and bayer together with Heineken lager and Murphy's stout. The selection is not impressing, unfortunately.

The Hansa and Heineken beers are usually boring, so I end up ordering the stout. It is brought to my table in a non-branded glass. As usual, this is a black beer with a thick and lasting head. There is nearly no carbonation, and there is nearly no aroma from the beer. There is not that much taste either. I find some coffee and chocolate with a hint of bitterness. An average beer, but still one of the better stouts available on tap in Norway.

I will not be a frequent visitor to Ujevnt. The pub felt sterile, and the draught beer menu was both boring and uninteresting. A tap or two with Norwegian craft beers is my piece of advice for the management at Ujevnt.

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