Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Double Ægir

The little Ægir brewery from Flåm in the Norwegian fjords is making a name for itself in Norway these days. The brewery is getting a wider distribution, and the beers are available in more and more supermarkets.

Ægir Bøyla is one of those beers. This is a blonde ale with some carbonation and a medium sized head. In the nose there are aromas of yeast and orange peel. In the mouth I feel more orange peel and a touch of chewing gum. It is a decent beer, but I would prefer a Hoegaarden.

Ægir Natt is a different beer. At 10% alcohol this beer is available at Vinmonopolet. This is a black imperial porter with very little carbonation and a tiny head. I feel aromas of coffee and dark chocolate. In the mouth there is cold coffee before a partly bitter finish with a lot of dark chocolate. The alcohol is fully integrated in this fullbodied beer. This is no Swedish starköl with vodka like tones. Lovely!

I also have to mention that there has been a price hike on Ægir's beers at some bars. At Kontoret in Bergen I had to pay 117 NOK for a half litre of draughted Ægir's IPA. That is slightly more than 12 GBP. Last year the same amount of Ægir beer was priced at below 100 NOK.

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