Sunday, March 27, 2011

Best beer in Norway?

The marketing department at Ringnes are waxing lyrically on a beer can. According to a survey, Ringnes new pale lager Ringnes Platinum was the best beer. On the beer can this is repeated in a logo: Ringnes Platinum is the "best tasting lager in Norway". No less. And in English text as well.

I really had to taste Ringnes Platinum. In the glass this beer has a nice golden colour, but it is a fizzy lager with nearly no head. In the nose there is some malts, sweetness and a touch of grass. In the mouth this is a sweet, malty beer with a medium body. The finish is malty with a hoppy touch. It is by no means Norway's best beer nor Norway's best lager. I would call it an average lager and a beer I will not buy frequently.

I will not be buying Pinkus Hefe Weizen that much either. This German wheat beer is a cloudy and fizzy beer in the glass, but there are nearly no aromas. I feel some sweetness, and in the mouth it is boring as well. There is that typical bready weizen taste and a touch of yeast, but otherwise this beer is very watery. I prefer Paulaner's hefeweizen, and I will continue buying it. Pinkus Hefe Weizen is a lesser product, the way I see it.

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