Saturday, November 26, 2011

Back at U Prince Miroslava and U Medvídků

U Prince Miroslava used to be the pub with most draught beers in Prague. I visited the pub for the first time two years ago, and I have returned to it at several occations enjoying various beer. These days you will find 19 draught beers at U Prince Miroslava.

At my last visit I was somewhat disappointed. I tried to order beer after reading the labels on the taps.

A lot of the beers mentioned were not available, and the waiter pointed to a poster on a wall. Sure, all draught beers were listed, but I did not find Primátor Stout on the list. This excellent stout used to be a mainstay at U Prince Miroslava, but now it was gone.

I had a few beers. None of them memorable, as I have lost my tasting notes.

Later on the same day I went to U Medvídků in the city centre. I sat down at the ground floor bar to have a taste of Budvar. There had been changes in what used to be the Budweiser bar with all Budvar beers on tap. These days U Medvídků's own beers are also sold as draught beers in the pub. From Budvar you can only find a golden lager. That is an interesting move as the U Medvídků beers were only sold as bottled beers in the bar. You had to go upstairs to the U Medvídků brewery pub to drink them as draught beers. I had a glass of Oldgott and enjoyed it before it was time to find my hotel.

On my way I picked up a bottle of beer. Which one?

Yes, you were right! The excellent Primátor Stout was my night cap.

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