Sunday, November 20, 2011

Time for Staropramen Kvasničák

I have not been that fond of Staropramen's beers. The Prague based brewery's pale lagers are quite average, but Granát is a fine, Märzen styled beer. I also liked Staropramen's dark lager, but there are other Czech breweries making better examples of that beer style.

Staropramen brewery. Please note that this picture is from 2008.

Walking past the Staropramen brewery near the Anděl metro station, I decided it was time to do some on-site beer drinking at the Na Verandách restaurant. I ordered Staropramen's take on a yeast beer, Staropramen Kvasničák.

Staropramen Kvasničák was an unclear, brownish beer with nearly no carbonation but with a medium sized head. The nose had some yeast, but otherwise there were no aromas. In the mouth there was some fruit, some bread and a fruity finish with some strawberry taking the lead.

This beer was a pleasant experience, and I feel that the Kvasničák is Staropramen's best beer. But the Pilsner Urquell Nefiltrované is miles ahead!

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