Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Draughted wheat

Finding wheat beer in Norway is easy if you go for bottles. There are few brands available, but both Paulaner and Erdinger wheat beers are sold at most Vinmonopolet outlets. Finding wheat beers as draught beers is another case, but recently I found two places in Bergen selling Erdinger weissbier from tap.

Across the road from Henrik in the Vaskerelven street of Bergen, you can find Elefanten. Elefanten is a trendy, little cafebar with many students frequently enjoying their drinks there. From tap there is the local macro's Hansa pils at 52 NOK for 0.4 litres of beer, which is slightly more than 5 GBP or around 6 EUR. There is also Erdinger weissbier at 71 NOK for a half litre.

I was served a cloudy, golden beer with a large head. There seemed to be more aroma in the nose from this draugted beer than from the Erdinger bottled wheat beers that I have tried earlier. The nose had both yeast and some sweetness. In the mouth there was little taste, but the yeast was still present with hints of banana. I enjoyed this draught beer more than the bottled beers from Erdinger, but wheat beers from the German breweries Paulaner and Franziskaner are better and more tasty offers than this beer. The same goes for the Czech weizen from Primator.

In one of the side streets from Vaskerelven, my favourite Norwegian bar of 2009, Naboen, is located. Across the street from Naboen you can find Biskopen. I have only been to Biskopen once. On my way to Naboen I stepped in to see what Biskopen was like. There were few people in the bar, so I took a look to find out what beers that were for sale. Bingo! This was another place for draughted wheat beers, and just like Elefanten, they sold Erdinger weissbier at Biskopen.

The Erdinger looked a little bit more cloudy in the glass, but otherwise it was the same beer. It was also served with more beer in the glass and less foam.

I prefer Naboen and Henrik as beer drinking places to both Biskopen and Naboen, but I like being able to drink draughted wheat beers in Bergen. Erdinger is not my favourite, but an OK wheat beer is better than no wheat beer when I want to taste the beer style.


  1. Its tough to find weizens on tap in Calgary as well. Did you run across any Dunkelweizens or Kristal Weizens?

  2. I did not find any dunkelweizen or kristallweizen beers on tap in Bergen. But Erdinger's dunkelweizen is available at the state owned Vinmonopolet outlets.