Saturday, January 9, 2010

Last Christmas

Christmas is only a memory, as the Winter of 2010 lingers on. I had my share of Christmas beers in 2009, and here are three examples of the stronger beers sold at Vinonopolet and some bars and restaurants:

Hansa Juleøl was a boring beer also this Christmas. Like in 2008 it was dull and dark with a little head and nearly no carbonation. The body was thinnish, and I felt it was too sweet although there was some bitterness in the finish. Perhaps next time around?

Mack Juleøl Sterkøl was one of the better Norwegian Christmas beers this season. It was a dark amber beer with little carbonation and foam. In the mouth sweetness and bitterness collided in maltiness and hints of raisins, coffee and chocolate. The beer was a rather enjoyable effort from the world's most northern brewery.

My favourite Christmas beer from a Norwegian macro brewer in 2009 was Aass Premium Juleøl. Actually, this was one of the few topfermented beers from Norway this Christmas with a brownish colour, small head and nearly no carbonation. In the nose fruits were to the fore, and in the mouth a delightful fullbodiness pleased me with hints of plums and apricots. It was a truly great beer that I hope there is more of in the shelves of Vinmonopolet.

Finally: A little regret. I never tried Nøgne Ø's God Jul from tap. But I should...

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