Friday, February 19, 2010

From the fjords

The Ægir brewery is based in Flåm in the fjord district of Western Norway. The brewery has a presence as a little brewpub in the little village, and its beers can be found in well stocked bars in the major Norwegian cities.

I had tried Ægir's IPA on tap at Naboen in Bergen before Christmas, but it was just recently that I for the first time found beers from the brewery in bottles at a Vinmonopolet outlet I normally do not visit. I liked the IPA from draught, but at the time I felt it was much too bitter.

It was therefore very interesting trying the beer from bottles. In the glass Ægir's IPA is copper coloured. There is nearly no carbonation, and the beer builds a small head in the glass. In the nose there are hops, plums and a hint of yeast. The aftertaste is very bitter with some fruits, but even though there is an accented bitterness this is a very good beer.

I liked Ægir's IPA, and drinking it bottled at home felt better than drinking it from tap. It is a nice IPA, and it is a great local alternative for visitors to Norway.

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